What’s your Decorating style?

 If you had to define your decorating style, how would you do it? The key to confidently creating a home you love is knowing your decorating style. While it may take digging a little deeper to truly understand your signature style not to worry about that…. You can uncover your decorating style in a room by simply asking yourself a few questions. 

a) How do you want your home to feel? Cozy, sophisticated, minimal

Sophisticated dining room

Comfy cozy living room

b) What kind of colors do you like? Clean and neural colors, bold colors, lot of bright colors few bold accents?

Neutral master bedroom

For the lovers of pops of color  

c)How do you feel about patterns? Mixing many bold patterns, subtle patterns, or few patterned accents

Subtle patterns on fabrics                           

Bold patterned entry way.

d)What’s your furniture style? Contemporary, classic, mid-century modern, rustic?

Mid-century modern furniture                             

Contemporary furniture…

Here are five most common decorating styles in our homes;      

1.Mid-Century Modern

Developed, as the name implies, toward the middle decades of the 1900s, mid-century modern is more than a design style as it also encompasses a number of unique furniture styles that are associated with the style

Mcm living room

Mcm nursey

2. Rustic  design.

In this lovely living room the table and chairs, belong to the mid-century period. Streamlined pieces in warm wood tones (oak) in this nursery, being a democratic design can be used by everybody. its simplicity and fine craftsmanship with clean and minimal furniture types gives a timeless look that isn’t going away anytime soon

This design is all about inclusion of natural elements as wood items and neutral earthly colors all around the home. The more natural the elements appear the easier achieve this design.

Rustic kitchen
Rustic bathroom

 This open plan kitchen stretching to the living room is oozing neutral earthly tones and natural elements of wood the island appears visually chunky, the wooden beamed ceiling not forgetting the beautiful pendant lighting above the island points it as a rustic space. Similar to the neutral bathroom with raw natural elements on ladder rustic candelabras also makes the room  achieve this style.

3. Bohemian Vibe

Is a style that brings out a casual, laid back calm atmosphere effortlessly. Makes use of colorful items, patterned and colorful pillows and rugs all around the room. It loves nature indoors a lot of indoor plants characterize this style, remembering walls have to be neutral (white) to neutralize the colorful textures

Bohemian Bedroom
Boho Living room

In this rich bohemian bedroom the throw pillows, throw blanket exhume a range of color patterns and textures not forgetting the hanging shelve above the headboard full of plants. The living room has pop of color, textures lots of plants plush fabrics and handcrafted things just bea uti-ful…

4. Industrial Style

Industrial design is decidedly masculine style with a minimalist nature yet dramatic, typified by raw surfaces like exposed brick and iron work, Makes use of raw and unfinished appearance rustic metal iron and steel items. The fun of industrial design is in finding the sophisticated side of these raw spaces.

Industrial modern living room
Industrial Entryway

Here, it comes in the form of the subtle juxtaposition of textures, brick walls and metallic furniture. At the bar, a smooth, straight-edged, stone bar top is accompanied by classic-looking bar stools with curved metal legs and wood tops. As a finishing touch, the large bouquet of flowers on the dining room table soften the space just enough to keep it a little warm. On the entryway the console has rustic metal hardware very earthly tones on the top above it is exposing the use of mechanical art.

5.Contemporary Style.

It loves simplicity above all, with a monochromatic flair of neutral colors. Thrives at multi functional storage able furniture hiding away clutter (minimalist) has clean square shaped furniture sofa, bed and chairs raised low with open plan spaces.

Contemporary Kitchen
Contemporary living room

My style personally is bohemian with a touch of scandi -eclectic (non-style personal preference) vibe. Here’s why? I mix both modern and traditional/classic style, when it’s about furniture I believe that balanced is better i prefer vibrant colors, layered textures, and ornate embellishments my eclectic side is rich in funky detail and personalized collections, all of which make your space oh-so-uniquely-me. Simplicity is my secret to a classic life. I love clean lines, plush fabrics and handcrafted things. I get really excited about functional storage solutions and cozy pants palms and monstera’s are my favorite…

Tips by Skeey;

  • For every room remember function precedes style and not vice versa, function of furniture in the living room is not the same as in the bedroom and so is layout and style.
  • Create a space that will stand the test of time, start with big furniture investment like furniture should dictate the vitality of neutrals trickling down to pops of color and different textures that bring out your personality. A daring sofa gives the room an edge but what about in the near future??
  • Know how warm or cool colors affect the mood of a space. A white living room has an expansive, free feeling that sets a mood for reflection also helps bridge different materials, textures and colors. Most importantly as you may have different color palette is every room but an expert should be able to tie the dwelling together.
  • Balance your room visually symmetrical design is the easiest one side being a mirror image of the other. There should be a focal point. In a living room, it could be the fireplace or a piece of art. It sets itself apart by scale, color, or texture.
  • Living in rented homes or even homeowners we often face challenges with storage for all our Nitti grittyz… It’s wise to buy pieces storage solutions. (modular furniture)This just killed two birds with one stone right!!!!
  • Always get the right style for your space according to your taste, with a little help of a designer; if you are true to your style other people will definitely conform to it.

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