Essential decor features every room needs.

 Hope my previous post on what’s your Decorating Style? Has given you an insight or idea on a style to go for or at least pointed you to the right direction. Today we are all about the specific decor features that should be present in every room no matter the style.

When decorating a room, we always want to make sure we’ve got the most essential basics covered.  Building your dream home takes time as well as a solid foundation of practical must-haves and pieces that make you giddy with excitement there are essential items that will get you started out on the right foot. From furniture like couches and coffee tables to textiles like rugs and curtains, and smaller elements like plants and candles, what about that little extra something that makes a room really feel special? The details that set it apart? Follow these ideas and I guarantee you’ll be able to take a gloomy space, to a space you’ll want to be around every day.

1.A touch of white and or black.

As most of walls in our homes have neutral walls white, off white, or beige’s is why I try to always include at least a hint of white and a touch of black in each space. White is often easy, but be mindful of adding black accents. Black picture frames and other elements on white backgrounds will make sure both ends of the spectrum are represented and balanced. Whether it’s a piece of accent furniture, a set of picture frames or pieces of art, or a lampshade, you’ll see improvement in the room by adding black or white, which seems to ground the space and bring order to disparate pieces. (adds depth.)

Touches of black and white in this bathroom lend sophistication to a color scheme.

2.  A mix of textures.

Whether your space is bold and colorful or subdued and neutral, a truly designed look involves a mix of textures for that subtle richness. Different upholstery textures, like cotton, burlap, hides, linens, silks and sheers, wood, metal and glass. The materials are easy to mix and will add lots of depth to a room.

These keep a room from feeling flat and homogeneous; try bringing in texture through baskets, throws and rugs. These elements add a layer of interest to any room or space. Layering a throw on the end of a bed—in a contrasting color or tactile fabric like faux fur or embroidered linen—can tie everything together.

A room with a mix of different textures feels rich and layered. The woven Rug with its white and black color palette, Fresh plants are a must to lift the mood of a room to light and bright, Different Throw blanket accessories create a cozy vibe.

This bedroom is such a stunning, eclectic mix of rich colors and textures I love the earthy color palette and the mix of patterns on the cushions. Boho bedroom bliss right here.

3. A Pop of Color

 Monochromatic schemes are fine, but can sometimes feel sterile and lifeless it may be a good idea to inject a little energy with some pops of color on accessories.

We love how this room feels with its grey and white muted wall tones would be completely ordinary if it weren’t for the eye-catching pop of red   gives the whole room a much-needed energy boost.

4.  Plants, and Succulents

Houseplants can do absolute wonders for a space.  A vibrant, green, natural plant is something every living room should include. Plants are so versatile they look awesome in any type of decor or style. You just need to pick the right plant for you. Trees add wonderful height and life to a room as well. Alternatively, faux houseplants can also look very realistic, though they can be expensive. A small vase of flowers on the kitchen counter or coffee table, or a houseplant or two by a sunny window instantly makes a place feel more homey.

This home takes green to the next level. It is not only designed with sustainability and a green lifestyle in mind, but also embraces the color green through the home decor

Ultra chic boho coastal home! Mixing soft textures, earthy tones, modern touches, lots of plant life and loads of natural light, this renovated home oozes

5. Personality is Key

Every room in your home must be a reflection of yourself. So, how to simply do that is highlight your family’s interests, hobbies or travels by adding some accessories that tell those stories. Photographs are only one way to do it, without these little details the room would feel cold and less welcoming.

This home feels rich in history, as if each item holds a beautiful story. Though undeniably eclectic,(personal style) everything feels effortless, as if each piece were made for that very spot. While my personal taste may verge on a more rustic modern approach, I can’t help but feel as if this one simply feels like home.

Deep blue walls make for a cozy hallway. Balanced against stark white trimmings, this space is far from neglected. Sketches, paintings and special mementos create a stunning galley wall.

6. Unique Artwork

I prefer walls with a featured art piece to bare ones, no matter the type, sculpture, photography, Decals, wall Signs or wall Panels. Nowadays, it’s common to find living rooms, dining rooms and other parts of the home with a particular wall art. Some even go as far as picking a featured or accent wall for an entire decorative wall.

Spend time to comb through artwork that best speaks to you. Beautiful art doesn’t have to be expensive Items that lend a sense of history as well as tell your own meaningful story—like vintage family photos—make great conversation pieces and infuse a room with life and unique character.

Use art to inform the room’s color palette. In the living room furnishings and accessories enhance and play off colors that appear in this living room.

Pair complementary colors. The dining room balances the bright yellow foreground with the cool blue lacquered finish of the wall on which it’s displayed similar to the bedroom colors.

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