Dare to Decorate with Bold hues!!!

We have been brought up to think that that a light and airy space is ideal in interior decor hence commissioning designers to create light and airy out of dark and musty. What colors are we talking about here it’s the dark blues, greens, and grays and even browns that almost read as black but give just enough hint of color to take the edge off the look. I get it, it’s a daring, dramatic interior design decision, which most people are afraid to try, but trust me it pays off:

  • Dark decorating schemes make rooms feel cozy and inviting even in larger spaces .
  • Very practical in hiding all manner of sins, from sticky fingerprints to irregularities in walls.
  • However they can have the unwanted effect of making a room feel small or cave-like.

Of course, there are plenty of positives to embracing bold hues in your home, and you shouldn’t let the negatives scare you away completely. Once you master how to use dark hues it will totally work. Here are tips and ideas of executing dark colors in to your home

As a designer I can say i have embraced the best of both worlds having a beige and white living dining room. I had to ditch all-white everything and join the inky revolution with these inspiring dark decorating in my hall way and kitchen.

I   simply can’t get enough of my rustic red kitchen contrasted with white open shelves 04E 53(Dura coat) ruby red wall color is distinctive. Want to try the red kitchen? How red is the red kitchen? The warmth of the red signal is fresh and delicious food. So, having a red kitchen accent or red kitchen wall isn’t all that unusual. …

Tips! Tips! Tips!!!

1. Paint the ceiling in a gloss finish, rather than matte, gloss allows light to bounce off the surface which opens up the room

2. Embrace loud accents. One way to make a dark room feel less gloomy is to up your decorating game. I personally have used color or pimping the original architectural details  to create interest in a dark space lacking natural light you will be shocked how far color can add a fun element while cozying up a space

3. Size never matters…Bold rich colors create an illusion of an endless and expansive giving it weight; depth and a surprisingly calming atmosphere. Stick to dark colors on the walls and lighter furnishings and linens to balance the room.

4. Low ceiling? Don’t forget the trim! When using a dark color on walls with a low ceiling, paint the trim the same color as the walls. This hides the trim and making the wall appear taller. Whatever your situation, it’s best to work with what you’ve got, rather than try to fight the light

5 Mix it up. If you want to embrace the moodiness, add ambiance, incorporate a variety of light sources never limit yourself to just a pendant in the room add sconces, floor lamps and see how cozier the space will feel.

Now to Ideas!!!!!!

1.Contrast is a show stopper

Another myth about white paint is that it makes other colors ‘pop’. WRONG. Dark walls accentuate color making them far more vibrant. Almost any dark paint could create a similarly bold backdrop. Adding contrasting accents for dimension will make a strong statement, and cool pastel shades also contrast beautifully with darker tones. If you’re looking to add depth or soften a dark scheme, consider experimenting with color and texture.

Accent metallics look incredible against a dark background, plus the reflective surfaces will help more light bounce around the room.

2. Let’s get Cozy ……

Wrap yourself around colors that comfort you To keep white bedding from looking or feeling chilly, layer on blacks and grays. Dark artwork and lamps carry the color scheme throughout the room, and then add a single shot of color to keep it lively.

 Dark walls maintain the nighttime ambience in this bedroom, setting the scene for a romantic night with someone you love.

Another thing I love about dark shades is that they usually work well with both black and brown accents.

Incredibly chic living room boasts a gray glass and brass modular chandelier hung over a round cowhide ottoman surrounded by caramel leather club chairs placed in a circular formation with black shelves background and brown rug complementing a parquet wood floor, sophistication galore!!!…

3. Give it some Drama!!

Bringing drama into a space doesn’t necessarily mean everything in the room needs to be super dark. You can get a dark and dramatic vibe through art, books, accessories and, yes, wall color.

Dark paint around the fireplace gives it a serious presence in this boho living room. The fireplace is no doubt the main focal point. This room inspires settling in for a relaxing feel on a Sunday afternoon

How can we talk about drama without including Black tiles They add heaps of glamour but are still in keeping with that moodier vibe.

This march has me feeling dark and dramatic and so it’s the perfect time to share this matte black tile pairs with brass and natural wood accents to create a fresh modern space. More dramatic than paint or wallpaper, Do i hear some yeeeses…..

Don’t be afraid to give into your thirsty pleasures…never let your guard down give your entry that personal touch, red never failed to make a statement.

4. Afraid of dark hues serve it as an accent.

If you’re intimidated by color, start small and try using darker tones as accents infusing a single piece in a dark color can bring warmth, elegance, or drama…

This chic, statement-making sofa is the perfect centerpiece for any glamorous ensemble. An eye-catching delicious hue, brimming with modern style, just when you dint think a sofa could be a room’s focal point there you go!

  5. Earthy tones got you on those cold nights……

Dark and moody interiors aren’t all about greys, blacks and blues deep rusty oranges and reds are also fair game. Try combining with dark wood flooring or walls with warm earthy tones on furniture to re-create this cozy look.

6. Why have a gallery wall that isn’t popping……

How can we deny that a gallery wall looks best against a dark background? C’mon now have you checked my gallery wall? Whether you choose photos, artwork or mirrors, breaking up a dark wall with a well-curated display will always make a statement. 

When dark palettes are executed properly they are cozy, dramatic and full of life. Here is my not soo moody hallway….

On the right is a Moody dark blue. Mixed with a range eclectic mirrors can give your home a timeless yet fresh feel

7. Because you are Plant-astic

Check out my Instagram inspos…I have a jungle obsession under the wraps haha…. Let me spell it out to you… to achieve a moody interior isn’t about covering all walls in dark paint only! Far from it, moreover if you are going for that dark atmospheric feel in your light or dark rooms plants is your starting point.

This gorgeous bathroom is super bright with its white walls and pale grey, glossy tiles, but the mini jungle going …

8. Trust me dark isn’t soo bad for a Kids room….

Didn’t think dark colors would work in a kids room? Think again. Dark colors in kid’s rooms to say the least have a practical element to the general wear and tear that kids have a tendency to create which is far easier to disguise with darker colors.

The deep grey in this child’s bedroom decorative paint idea keep it from becoming too grown up at the same time making that bold statement.

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