The right way to infuse glamour into a tiny living room.

The reality of residing in big cities is small spaces especially when it comes to the living room. Don’t let your small living room wreck your style, so what if it’s a tiny white box barely big enough for a regular-size sofa? (i can relate) Who said it can’t be elegant ? Though you may think you’ve figured out the best hacks for your tiny living room chances are, you’re breaking at least one rule… no worries because we got you.

With a place that’s only temporary or a permanent small space how creative can you get and how can you make the most of limited square footage? From sneaky tricks that’ll multiply your square footage to a guide for the paint colors that’ll make rooms look bigger, here are all our 10 hacks for maximizing your living area. And no, doesn’t involve moving to a bigger place I promise.

1. Don’t try to beat white work with it…

  • Most rented apartments come with “Don’t paint the walls” Cant paint your white walls? Consider embracing a white-on-white interior.
  • Pairing your walls with equally pale furniture is an elegant and straightforward way to make any small space feel brighter and larger.
  • Opt for a dominating color scheme and apply it to the majority of the accent pieces and furnishings to keep the look unified,
  • Dark colors is an option if not into white on white…but just as accents for that unique edge ensure the larger areas of the room are lighter-hued for a healthy contrast.
Isn’t black giving a gorge contrast in this room giving us pure chills!!!

2.Go for the wow factor

  • So you need to transform a big white box into something suitable to live in? add pops of colors and splashes of texture with a range of colorful and textural accents.
  • Color makes the whole difference keeping the eyes roaming….
  • I guess its true what they say that an eye in constant motion increases a rooms square footage you end up not noticing how small the room actually is…what fun fact!
  • Take a cue to entertain pattern on pattern, bold color next to bold color=cozy perfection.

Unlock the potential of your compact living room. By drawing inspiration from gallery wall which can only be what you need to make it pop.

3.Let the light in!!

  • Natural light brings in air a spacious feel needless to say more it is life
  • Stick to sheer fabrics in soft tones, to ensure your living room is maximizing on its sources of natural light. 
  • We all feel safe living in upper-story apartments where we need not worry about peeping toms…, use it to your advantage trap all natural light.
  • Better yet, put up shades you can adjust for maximum light during daytime hours.
What better way to invite light without needing to devote a great deal on new appliances. Utilize sunlight and assorted forms of shadows that are produced with unique models.

4.Mirror Mirror on the wall….

  • An accent mirror is ideal for offering depth and reflective functionality that’s key if your living room is lacking either.
  • Alternatively, placing a bunch of smaller mirrors together will have the same effect as a bigger one while also doubling as a statement.
  • Help make a space feel larger, everyone can use a quick preen on their way out the door though.

Shows off the dramatic impact mirror can play,in making room feel larger .isn’t that what we are after!

LOVE the mirror LOVE the paint color and LOVE LOVE LOVE the union of the gold brown and blue Who did this room? I have a new crush!

5.Furniture’s the backbones no lie….

  • Setting the layout is a dilemma in a small living room, being the heart of the home or apartment it’s a high traffic area in most cases.
  • Resist the urge to shove all of your furniture up against the walls…..away from the wall creates the illusion of spaciousness
  • Matchy matchy vibe is soo last season haha! Wake up and smell the coffee … mismatched furniture and decor is the way to go if you looking for that drama.
  • Dual purpose furniture is a Daaaah!!!. Nesting tables and upholstered storage ottomans for entertaining and hosting without adding bulkiness.

Floated furniture? CHECK Less furniture CHECK because you don’t want your room looking all crowdy… looking space-y right?

  • Good news! Local furniture stores provide small space furniture options these days…
  • Acrylic or glass furniture has long been a designer trick for small spaces. visually light furniture disappear into the space creating the illusion of more floor space.
  • You know what can ease the traffic flow?? Nesting tables in place of one coffee table.
  • Leggy pieces sofa are the way to go!.. the more you see the floor space the better…..You can also embrace sectional sofas they totally work for small spaces…

Its transparent top surface allows the beauty of your flooring to show through. It brings interest to your room without adding visual clutter.

What a modern Modern aesthetic living with classic. clean, casual, comfortable and elegant combined with clean lines and soft color, together with modern artwork and metal accents create fresh space that blends color and functionality.

Stunning Bachelor pad with black pendant chandelier, like the brown leather sofa, and small coffee table contemporary seat and vintage arm chair in this room, gives assurity that different textured pieces can look just as seamless as a complete set.

6.Breathing space please?

  • Space is art on its own you need some love from this art without spending a penny deal right?
  • We’re not suggesting you forgo accessories altogether, just cut back.
  • Go Minimalist on your shelves and coffee table décor to a minimum you will be shocked how airy it will feel.
  • Or, if you have a bold rug like keep the furniture and backdrop a crisp white color palette in this minimalist interior is very Light and simple and it includes shades of gray and blue as well as a lot of white. This space is anything but cluttered.

7. .… But More Can Also be More…

And we have a winner @belliwood_living boho chic living room full of life, culture, and interesting items for the entire world to see. This aesthetic embraces the carefree, the relaxed, (seats) and the unusual .

Boho Chic isn’t for the shy. …orange touch in this room is amazing variety of fabrics, textiles and patterns play together nicely to unify the room.

  • Where are maximalists like me? More is more every day!
  • Am the furthest thing from minimalist am all into making my space inviting cozy and personal by filling my walls and shelves with accessories.
  • Be organized and intentional to avoid cluttering.
  • A little hint with such a style the throw pillows, blankets, rugs dress up a budget sofa. You don’t need a splurge on furniture much ….yaaaaaas!

8.Plants just Color your world…..

  • I’ve become obsessed with interiors that use lots of plants. (And from the looks of things, so has Pinterest!). They just have a way of making any space feel bright, lively, and gorgeous.
  • When I am working with clients, it is never an issue of deciding whether the space should include plants, but rather which plants are right for the space and the good part I have @shopnanjala to help me out.
  • Blooming plants bring interesting texture (plus they clean indoor air!)

  • Conventional living room design has in fact existed for a lengthy time for a consequence of the authorities and classy impact it offers your dwelling. Shabby chic painted furniture is something it’s possible to create yourself to spend less boho mid-century affair there’s something about brown furniture together with plants that just blow my mind.
  • Gardening isn’t your thing? Makes two of us!! Try a few low-maintenance options let me whisper ….shhhhh….succulents is the answer .Did you get that?

9.Camera… Lights……Action!!!.

  • Never underestimate the power of good lighting; from making the room look larger, to overall lighting and adding personality to a space are just but a few.
  • Finding fixtures that won’t overwhelm a petite space can take some trial and error we have definitely all been there…at least you have me.
This unique, sculptural element in the mid-century modern sconces in this room sets a modern tone for the space.

  • In small living areas mounted lighting are the best…are subtle, don’t take up extra air or floor space, and, provides overall better lighting for the entire space.
  • Make a bold statement by adding wall scones can apart from light provision it adds personality. Any ideas for a romantic touch think about candle scones.

Inspired by modern industrial design, With a flexible sliding height and articulated lamp, it’s perfect for creating light wherever you need it.

10.Think vertical.

  • Is your low ceiling cramping your style? My kitchen isn’t…will share on the lighting that I am working on which can be used to emphasize vertical lines..
  • Take advantage of high ceilings to add to the vertical upward lines through curtains hung well above the window impart airiness and height.
  • Nowhere to stash throw blankets or storage a leading ladder got you…we are all about more floor space aaaight?

Built-in bookshelf, for high ceilings totally love the idea of course it has to be light and airy,

Display books in a way that’s aesthetically pleasing and makes you want to look.

  • Make the bookshelf white, or a light wood hue that keeps the room bright.
  • Space out your books in some areas so that there’s some space.thank me later!

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