Make your Kitchen drool worthy ……

Well, anyway, I’ve really come to take solace in styling the spaces in my home that I actually do like. One of those is my kitchen. I spend more time than I’d like to admit scrolling through kitchen styles and colors, and I’ve found some tricks of the trade. I am a kitchen designer junkie I follow lots of designers on Instagram. To be honest at times feel jealous for instance, when I’m drooling over an insanely gorgeous kitchen, and then I snap back to the reality of the no backsplash that lives in my actual kitchen.

Whether you’re renovating, redecorating, or simply updating this space, consider how you live before making any changes. Get inspired to transform this area with these practical and easy-to-steal decorative touches. So, today I’m sharing my top 5 kitchen styling tips,

1. Have an eye for Color

  • With just a few of these easy color additions, you can skip the big makeover and fall in love with your kitchen all over again that won’t break your budget… 
  •  Open shelving that makes the most of a beautiful collection of colorful dinnerware.

How does painting inside an open cabinet look? instant brightening effect,or coming up with an accent wall could definitely transform a room.

With its crisp white cabinetry, warm walnut accents and quartz countertops, The bottom of the peninsula painted rich blue grounds the room and keeps it from feeling too uniform .

  • Try Living Color just add color to the room adds scent, taste and a dynamic element as well. Set your leafy beauty atop your highest shelf, and prepare for some killer #shelfies

Sometimes you need that homey and fun jungalicious kitchen that only Bohemian style offers, mix the patterns and textures and find some unique furniture pieces for your kitchen

Yellow knows no bounds the fact that it fits in most design styles is just crazy… I love how yellow accents have been used to give this modern kitchen a fresh feel.

2. Not soo humble Backsplash…..

My current crush Subway tiles herringbone pattern, absolutely chic! The vibrant jewel-toned blue cabinetry with brass hardware instantly evokes a cheery and upbeat vibe in this kitchen.

Super unique geometrical backsplash and exposed shelving. What do yall think? Is it too much or just enough?

3.Fetching fixtures=Functional +Glam.

  • Good lighting is a kitchen must-have. But don’t just install a few ceiling can lights and under cabinet strip lights and call it a day.
  • Decorative kitchen pendants and chandeliers are hot right now, and they can be an excellent focal point in an otherwise neutral or minimalist kitchen.
  • Adaptation is of essence in kitchen lighting from a bright, general light for the day, to an intimate light for dining in the evening.
  • Layers of lighting adds interest to your kitchen, recessed fixtures, surface fixtures, and pendant fixtures
  • Select the right lighting based on the size of the space and counter you’re covering.

Look at this amazing Scandinavian kitchen very simple, modern and elegant, mixed with white color and bright wood brass lamps give it that sophistication.

Dramatic fixture right here cant get enough of the way this unique spin on lamp paired with some greenery and there you have a winner!!!

This efficiently kitted out and seamless design in this modern kitchen is giving us chills… multiple lighting sources is an asset in this room.

4. Always make a statement…

  • Have you ever watched renovation realities and felt a surge of both inspiration and depression?
  • The bigger the kitchen the more the focal points, however as much as it’s  tempting to select the most fetching eye-candy materials, fixtures and furnishings ,avoid visually busy mishmash of items that battle one another
  • We can’t deny good artwork …and our kitchens are not an exception. Only make sure there’s proper ventilation and art is kept out of harm’s way.

Art can be a perfect sub for a lack of upper cabinets or backsplash, and the perfect way to finish a bare spot, give them a prime location where you’ll see them every day.

Having a number of focal points is non issue …..Pendant lights hang above this colorful kitchen’s central timber island bench…but the turquoise cabinetry takes the cake

  • Take advantage of the countertop taking the biggest visual space to make it edg-y transform it to an accent finish.

Nothing matches the warmth and beauty of natural wood countertop accented with a natural live edge wood a gorgeous accent finish.

5. Bland kitchen? accessories are a go!

  • Sometimes you need just a little bit or more display to add personality to your kitchen.
  • I dress up my empty backsplash with pretty silverware welll…just until I decide on the backsplash that will have everyone drooling….
  • Flaunt you’re wooden Spoon Collection or A magnetic knife rack will do the trick for knives.
  • The biggest trend right now is cutting and serving boards and @santanaafrica have definitely taken this to a whole new level.
  • Wait don’t stress chances are, you already have one or two…Display them for that architectural interest to a countertop, to break up a monochromatic backsplash.

Space chock full of textures & patterns! The copper elements combine with the wood for a gorgeous vibe! not forgetting the hanging cutting boards…

Kitchen stocked with essentials is really the only way to make home cooking achievable and enjoyable.

Please keep it together i know after this you are day dreaming about one of these kitchens ……you can always make it a reality you know…

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  1. sheila

    Dope ideas. Will definitely borrow when doing my house?

  2. Sybil

    I’ve never been one to drool over a kitchen space or decorate it but this was an eye opener. Thanks for sharing.