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Gone are the days of achieving a uniform palette of texture or color in our homes in any given room. It’s time to embrace the hottest new trend sweeping the design scene what better way to do it than with Accents. Accents are emphasis   given to something which goes beyond mere functionality in other words it complements the room’s decor.

In my line of work my clients have always faced challenges when it comes to understanding accents and what are the right accents for any room or any style. With my extensive research and experience i have been been able to satisfy my client’s tastes. It has not been easy though once you grasp it as a concept it sure just works magic. Different kinds of accents in interior design are;

1.Accent colors

  • Are bold or vivid colors used sparingly aimed at emphasizing contrast Or creating rhythm.
  • Accent colors enable a room to become whole with separate pieces of color adding depth to the composition of your interiors.
  • The challenge is: how to bring the right balance of color as to not overbear the rest of the room or underwhelm the rest of your home.

2. Accent furniture

  • A piece of furniture that stands out because it complements a rooms decor. Used for its great decorative value above all other considerations.

Enough consolation right?

2 door accent cabinet The most versatile weapon you can add this statement-making credenza to just about any room and pack a lot of punch! Television stand, armoire, bar cart, office cabinet the uses of this multi-functional piece of furniture are endless.

This brown Geometric console table might not be bold hued but what about the geometric embellishment across the front …Yes! Boasts its captivating appeal that inspires creativity and speaks to your eclectic style you wouldn’t miss this piece even with your eyes closed haha always create spaces as bold as your spirit.

Accent chair flair!!!

For that pop of color red accent chair would just be what you are looking for to have that statement piece in a neutral living room.

Bright, plush upholstery sets the stage for a garden scene depicting lush floral with a modernist twist.

Do it the Ne-sty way

The versatility of these Triple hex white and faux marble nesting tables oozes visual interest no matter where it’s placed or function. For those who are into modern style don’t let it pass you by… Hmmmm okay?

These gorgeous mid-century modern nesting tables are a perfect addition to any decor. Walnut veneer combined with metallic frame pair will highlight any aesthetic design in your home.

Dinning table frenzy

What comes to mind when you see this this eye-catching and sophisticated table? When you thought that a dining table cannot be a show stopper? Think twice don’t shy away…. go rogue with this chic glossy white geometric pedestal in your dining room with glass tabletop for an effortlessly elegant look,  everyone is always decorating the walls, lighting or centerpieces be unique c’mon!

The   ‘green ‘revolution is all what designers and decorators are talking about. Aren’t just about cool DIY projects.that help in up cycling and recycling, but also furniture that ushers in a more organic, natural and sustainable vibe. If there is one particular piece heading the pack in this trend, is the live-edge table. Looking for that great centerpiece that immediately draws your attention and give this modern interior a more soothing and natural aura Natural-edge table got me thinking of investing in one. Check on our shop on our live edge light we are all about embracing the ‘green’ revolution.


  • Determine Your Needs beyond beauty is it functioning how it’s supposed to?
  • Size of furniture should be proportional to the room size.

3.Accent walls

  • It is that uniquely built wall or painted, or wallpapered in a different color from other walls.
  • It’s an effective and dramatic way to add color they add a touch of pattern or sophistication.
  • These easy and stylish color accents are popularly used as a decorative element in the design industry because of their flexibility.
  • What could get better than the unlimited paint options as well as other surfaces and materials?
  • Wanna know the best part of about Accent walls is that they can be used in any room. It’s purely personal so give it that unique touch.

2 accents? even better…

These accent walls break up a big room, emphasize an architectural feature, use a pop of color or add creative personality.

Color your personality

A dark blue accent wall with cream sofa, wicker baskets used as art and a rug that compliments the scheme.

The accent mustard yellow wall is one of the most cheerful bold and adventurous colors. Accentuates the vibe in this jungle obsessed room what do you think?

The accent mustard yellow wall is one of the most cheerful bold and adventurous colors. Accentuates the vibe in this jungle obsessed room what do you think?

Its a woody affair…

Most of our walls are normally painted; it can sometimes be quite monotonous right? …I know…with our tight budgets, decor is the least of our concerns but remember wood paneling is not out of this world this days …you can simply go faux with peel and stick wood panel to upgrade your space a to a more natural and rustic charm Or you can splurge if you’re going for the whole renovation process (ship lap) your wish is my command.

Because walls are for pictures….

Art galleries are the most inexpensive way to turn a big ol’ plain boring wall into an extraordinary wall. I absolutely adore this staircase Gallery wall because we now have natural, white & black oak frames too.

Want to try easy DIY ‘s Check out my DIY gallery wall from the last post, comment if you need me to do blog on the process of coming up with beautiful gallery wall.

Oh! the dramatic chalkboard….

Create a dramatic effect on your wall! I’ve always wanted to have a chalkboard accent wall in my home and being a new concept I wanna go small doing it as a picture frame. I will definitely share the experience with you here. Not only does it serve as a beautiful accent wall, but also it is extremely functional.Creates that different texture in the dinning or kitchen

A little Brick never hurt anybody…

Leaving a wall nude with all the bricks observable can present your room an industrial signature and add personality to the inside.

Theirs soo much to what meets the eye Murally.

This picture-perfect Mountain Mural Wall Art creates the illusion of depth and spaciousness in a small room, and adds to the grandeur of larger spaces. Ideal for cozy and modern nurseries, bedrooms, and living rooms.

Go molding or go home….

A welcoming home begins with well-dressed walls. Consider stylish statements that can work. Molding is a stunning feature wall that makes this modern entryway look amazing! I like the art lighting that doubles as entryway lighting.

Gorgeous Wood Accent Wall Molding adds a touch of character and comfort to your bedroom. From minimalist bedroom, modern, to vintage, you just need to choose an idea or combine several concepts to produce a comfortable bedroom.


  • Don’t shy away from using bold color for your accent wall. …
  • Do think outside of the box when you are considering your new accent wall .
  • Don’t forget that there is more to accent walls than just paint. …

4.Metallic Accents .

  • Include warm and cool metals. Gold, copper, brass and bronze are warm, while stainless steel, silver and platinum are cool.
  • Any one of them can be used to add a punch of shine and contrast, warming up or cooling down your space.
  • In addition to our love of mirrors as a way to bring light and sparkle to any space, we also rely on metallic to add just the right bit of glam to a project.

Oldy Goldy…

There are numerous alternatives to utilize exposed brick walls in the interior layout to provide another style and look. Whether you wish to spray a wall with a brilliant pop of color or add texture,   

No idea how to incorporate gold touches simply use a mood board.Bring a touch of tropical luxury to your home with opulent navy, teal and dark green, soft velvets, bold botanical prints and elegant gold accents.

This room reminds me of what I always advise my clients choose one metal that will work in the entire space traces of gold accents on the gallery wall end table coffee table lamps mixing gold and gray on the mirror light fixtures for that cohesive unified look.

Everyone is looking for a silver lining right???

Check out this stainless steel ,mood board white always goes with silver

Kitchen Island sure is an optional item in your kitchen. But this wonderful kitchen island will definitely make you want to have one.

This Entryway so chic you linger in the hallways, OMG platinum wallpaper? And silver metallic console? Layers of beautiful scenery in an opulent color palette create an easy living design which is perfect accent wall.

We all have that glitz and glam edge this glamorous mirrored dresser makes a statement an even mix of function (storage halooo!) and fashion hand-rubbed silver finish with mirrored panels on all sides to scatter light throughout your space for an airy open feel.


  • Start small more permanent pops of metallic can be incorporated in small doses
  • Don’t be afraid to mix metals stick with similar tones.
  • Brightly polished metals will feel more glam, while brushed metals will have a more casual rustic look.
  • Use a light hand by keeping metallic as accent pieces rather than big furniture pieces

Your comments are welcomed!!!……

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