Our Studio

Skeey Decors is a luxury decorating firm dealing with interior, renovations, exterior landscaping and events decoration. It enjoys fixing houses that fall somewhere on the scope of not as beautiful as you’d like it to be. We approach each project with sophistication and quality, giving you the look you want with the service you absolutely deserve. We work with home owners, contractors, landscapers and architects. We begin each project with an edge on our client’s individual tastes, budget, channeling their basic visual preferences into a cohesive, tailored design scheme. Our organized process and efficient communication keep clients informed throughout the project, providing a seamless experience from start to finish, as we offer functionality, style and value.

Our Values

  • We listen, plan and execute
  • We use organized and refined processes for maximum efficiency and effectiveness
  • We make unique designs because so is every client

Here's how it works:

  1. Email/Call the team.
  2. We’ll meet with you in your space to talk about your lifestyle and values, your needs and aspirations. We listen closely to understand your personal style and gather insights that will inform both design and functionality, which include;
  3. We will send you a quote to go over the contract service agreement
  4. We identify the elements that will define and elevate your space. Whether it is a renovation or new construction, we will develop comprehensive design ideas/concepts, including well-considered interior architectural plans where required.
  5. Then we will get down to the exciting stuff and work to create digital design boards, floor plans, elevations (where needed) to visually communicate design.
  6. We will manage every detail of your project and coordinating our dedicated contractors and Crafts people at every step. We will share progress and keep you engaged and excited as we transform your space into a home that speaks to your vision and inspires you every day.
  7. And finally we will install, arrange and accessorize your home

The Team

Skeey decors began in 2016 when the founder Scolastica Wakhungu decided to strike out as a décor entrepreneur with a keen eye for detail, allowing her to thoroughly evaluate the best design solutions for her clients. She discovered incredible passion for home design and decorations and immediately embarked on different renovation and décor projects starting with her own parent’s home proceeding to decorating friends and neighbors interior and exterior spaces


Scolastica Wakhungu - Principal Designer

she has a huge passion for décor.
Her designs achieve an elusive blend of sophistication and sustainability.
She launched Skeey Decors in 2016, where her process-driven approach to design has earned her the trust of 5 residential clients and 2 event clients.
Mothering a 3 year-old company, she has developed a keen and highly personal understanding of family-friendly design.
A believer that the best projects come from the collaborative efforts of her design team, the client and other engaged professionals.


Joshua Gicheru - Furniture Designer- DIY expert

With 10 plus experience in furniture designing in Residences, Hotels, and Commercial spaces, joined Skeey Decors in 2017.
His commitment to client satisfaction and strong project design and management skills ensure a smooth project from start to finish.
With his knack for sketching and a refined eye for detail, Woodwise Work shop closely works with other local craftsmen to bring about the bespoke furniture to suit all of our clients’ individual needs.


Nduku Maingi - Interior & Outdoor Designer

Being a Director of Tutys Touch for the past 5 years, she revels in the process of discovering a client’s aesthetic preferences and interpreting their personal style into the design of their home.
Her artistic background combined with technical design skills makes her career in interior design an ideal blending of talents.