Cyphany Pallet Mirror


This Stunning Mirror is perfect for any room or occasion, and is an excellent conversation piece for your home. Handcrafted by attaching wood to the plywood all around the mirror. If your house is not settled best with the wood pallet incredible projects then you are definitely giving your house with the unimpressive taste by your own hands. Bring attractive innovations in your house with the custom designing of the pallet mirror frame form of work. Is customizable…You can choose a different overall size, wood stain, hanging method and much more.


  • Mirror diameter-30”/2.5ft
  • Frame diameter-42”/3.5ft


Our Modern Cyphany pallet mirror brings creativity at its best. Crafted by Mahogany and cypress woods, different color, texture and wood grain and its arrangement gives out a dramatic statement.


  • Can add a dramatic charm to a neutral room.
  • Maximalist mirror for the lovers of more is more…You at liberty of showing all your textures, forms and colors


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